Great communication is essential to the mass adoption of your technology.


We are Moli, a full-service communications agency addressing the unique needs of technology brands looking to grow and globalise.

We believe that great communication is the key to the mass adoption of your technology.

From mass market social campaigns to intimate gatherings, our team is expert in creating situations where that little tingle of excitement signals something powerful is about to happen.

By using a three-pillar formula of strategy, content and community, we provide disruptive brands in Fintech, Blockchain, IoT, Smart Home, Big Data & AI, Cloud Computing and more with the best communication services to get the right people to hear their story.

What We Do

Using a formula of strategy, content, and community we provide a full-range of communication services to disruptive brands in Fintech, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, AI & Big Data.


We won’t just be your agency, we will be your partner. We are with you from the beginning because communication is the most important vehicle on the road to the globalisation of your brand.

  • Messaging and Branding Workshops
  • Communications Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Video Strategy
  • Channel and Content Strategy
  • Market-Entry Strategy
  • Investment Communications Plan


We love making stuff – our expert team of creatives and content creators turn your tech jargon into digestible language through visual design, the written word or high impact video.

  • Video Production
  • Digital Design
  • Offline Graphic Design
  • Websites and Landing Pages
  • Social Content
  • Mobile Lite Papers
  • Copywriting


A community is the beating heart and soul of a technology brand – we build communities through a mixture of carefully articulated outreach and engaging offline to online marketing activities.

  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • Community Management
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Media Relations
  • Investor Relations
  • Experiential Meetings

Who We Do It For



Mark Adams


Harriet Butterfield

Project & PR Director

Tom Channell

Client & Social Director

Ran Ge

China Sales Director

Emily Hare

Writer & Editor

Piers Rudgard-Redsell

Designer & Creative

We Are Global

Our headquarters is located in London, England




San Francisco

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The Honey Partnership

Moli is part of The Honey Partnership – a group of award-winning social creative agencies, inspired by China.

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